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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much does it cost?
We can supply, and install units for as little as 10 per week. Read more


Q. How much cooling do I get from a single monobloc portable air conditioning unit?
This depends on the unit, usually between 2 & 4kw. The opposite effect to a fan heater of the same power. Read more
Q. Will this type of portable air conditioning reduce humidity?
Yes, water is removed from the air passing through the unit. The water collector needs emptying occasionally and is ideal for watering the office plants. For de-humidifying only, a dehumidifier is lower cost. Read more
Q. If we have too few units will they work?
For comfortable temperatures to be achieved in all weather conditions the correct number of portable air conditioning units should be used. If fewer are installed then on the hottest days the office temperature will rise, particularly mid afternoon in south/west facing offices. Read more
Q. How much noise do the monobloc units make?
Most portable air conditioning units have a choice of fan speeds. At the higher speed the fan noise would normally be lost in the background noise of a busy office. At lower speeds the unit is scarcely audible. Generally speaking split units make less noise than monobloc units, inside the room as the condenser fan is outside. Different makes/models make different noise levels. The units we stock have been chosen for their quiet operation. Read more
Q. What maintenance do these units need once in use?
There is a weekly maintenance procedure which needs to be carried out to ensure the unit works to its full potential. This procedure is stated on the instructions, and involves simply emptying the water, and cleaning the filters. Read more

Installation, location & services

Q. How do we obtain advice on the installation and use of temporary air conditioning in our building?
We offer a free site survey prior to quotation where needed - see below. We can also review the proposed solution at time of delivery. Where possible we will have additional/alternative equipment available in the van. Read more
Q. If we need technical advice on the best solution for us, prior to ordering, is this available?
We do not normally charge for this service. We reserve the right to arrange a time convenient to both of us. Where more complex analysis is required of us any cost would be agreed in advance.Read more
Q. Will portable air conditioning units work with our office layout?
We can offer either monobloc or split units to suit your layout. In discussion with you we can agree the best solution for you.Read more
Q. Where should we put portable airconditioners?
They need to be adjacent to a window so that the warm air hose or the connection to the outside condenser unit can pass through the window. In this way the heat from the room is discharged outside. Read more
Q. What power supply is needed for portable air conditioning units?
A normal 13 amp supply from a wall socket. A 13 amp extension lead can be used from a socket if no socket is available close by. Read more
Q. What size is the warm air hose from a monobloc unit which needs to be put out of a window?
About 130mm diameter but up to 250 mm diameter on larger units. Read more
Q. Isn't it a security risk to leave the windows open?
The warm air hose is flexible and as temporary air conditioning is not needed at night most people turn off the unit, withdraw the hose and close the window. It is simple to put it back in the morning.
Q. How much electricity do these units use?
Typically about one third of the cooling effect, so about 1200 watts for a 3.8KW unit when running in cooling mode. Read more
Q. Does a temporary air conditioning unit run all the time?
No, there is a thermostat built in which turns off the cooling however The fan in the unit continues to run when the required room temperature is reached.


Q. Who is responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment installed?
Loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear will be to your account. The cost of complete loss of portable air conditioning units is noted on your order documentation. You remain responsible for the safe keeping of the units until they are collected by us/despatched to us. Read more (Terms & Cond page)
Q. When will the units be collected/taken off hire?
Subject to any minimum hire periods agreed at commencement of hire, a fax, email or letter is required to notify us of your wish to terminate the hire period. Hire periods are a number of full weeks. Collection will be arranged shortly afterwards.
Q. Can the monobloc units be moved to another address whilst on hire.
Yes, subject to us confirming agreement, by fax or email at the time. Collection at the end of the hire period will be from the original delivery address unless otherwise agreed in advance.
Q. What charge is made for delivery of monobloc units?
A standard charge is shown on the Prices page of this website. Read more

When portable air conditioning is needed

Q. How much of the summer will we need air conditioning?
This depends on your building and the equipment in it. The inside temperature of an office, in the afternoon, will commonly rise to between 4oC and 8oC above the outside temperature so most offices would benefit from cooling for at least part of the day for much of the time from May to September.
Q. Why should our office need cooling now, when it hasn't before?
The increased use of PCs and other electronic office equipment now provides more unwanted heat. Virtually all electricity consumption inside the building ends up as heat. The mean summer temperatures are rising. Four out the last 10 years in London have been some of the hottest on record.
Q. Is it practical to install a full air conditioning system in our building?
It may be. We can advise on the practicality and likely cost if required. We can still offer an air conditioning hire agreement and provide temporary air conditioning pending installation.Read more