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Industrial Cooling

We have a number of portable air conditioning models suitable for industrial environments and the best choice normally comes through discussion on the application. In workshop situations we commonly use the larger units with powerful fans for plenty of air movement, such as the MC20. Where cooling of the whole area is not practical we might use the MCM20 units which can direct the air flow to critical areas for 'spot' cooling.

In laboratories the use of office type air conditioner units may be preferable as their quieter operation may be needed where the ambient noise levels are low.

Where a large amount of cooling is needed we will normally check that the power supply is adequate to support the units on circuits which may already be heavily loaded. If appropriate we can specify the additional supplies which will be needed to protect existing circuits.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements on the phone to establish a practical cooling solution for you. Where needed we will be pleased to complete a survey of the areas to be cooled so that we can both be satisfied on the suitability of our proposals.

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