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Air Conditioner Hire Products - Offices

At Air conditioning hire (London) Ltd, we have a range of portable units, ideally suited for office use. Our years of experience have enabled us to select the best units to be used in office locations and we will be happy to help you chose the right portable air conditioner for hire in your office.

We understand that the size, output, and noise level are all important factors when choosing the right unit. First you'll need to choose if you want to use a Monobloc unit or a Split unit.

Monobloc units are the simplest solution. The output will range from 2.9KW up to 3.8KW. The hot air is carried out of a window or through a hole in the wall via a flexible hose (similar to a tumble drier hose.) The unit is on wheels so can easily be moved around the office then simply plugged in to a 13 amp socket.

Split units have 2 parts - an internal unit (similar to a Monobloc unit) and an outdoor condenser part connected by a flexible refrigerant line. Some of these units can be disconnected in order to install them through a hole in a wall or window. They require some more installation and therefore are less mobile once installed and tend to range from 3KW up to 4.7KW.

Office Unit Specification Sheets

Adjustable temperature setting Cooling or fan only operation Thermostatic control of temperature