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PM38Q - High Output monobloc air conditioning unit

The PM38Q is our most popular portable air conditioning unit for hire as it can cool a typical office of up to 30 square metres and the Q is for quiet. Built to our own specification to be very quiet in operation and the neat in appearance these units are easy to live with and work beside all day. They normally evaporate away their condensate so no emptying of water tanks is needed.

PM38Q - Air Conditioning Hire
Cooling output :
3.8 KW
Dimensions :
Height 870 mm
Width 480 mm
Depth 380 mm
Exhaust hose length :
1.6 mt with option of double length to 3.2mt
Fan Speeds :
3 speeds
Condensate disposal:
No tank to be emptied. Condensate is evaporated away down the exhaust hose
Controls :
Adjustable thermostat to set room temperature Timer

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