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Ariagel TE160 - Split air conditioning unit

The Ariagel TE160 is ideal for larger prestigious offices and is often used in Boardroom and executive office locations as it can effectively cool rooms up to 38 square metres. As with all split units the condenser must be located outside and with a connecting line 4 metres long the indoor unit can be placed up to 3 metres from the window. This air conditioner is quiet enough for use in areas with low background noise the controls have an automatic setting to ensure the lowest fan speed at all time. Water collected is discharged outside automatically.

Ariagel - Air Conditioning Hire
Cooling output :
4.7 KW
Dimensions :
Height 740 mm
Width 570 mm
Depth 390 mm
Height 470 mm
Width 560 mm
Depth 320 mm
Exhaust hose length :
4.0 mt long refrigerant line connection between indoor and outdoor units
Fan Speeds :
3 Speeds plus auto and sleep modes
Condensate disposal:
Automatic discharge to outside unit
Controls :
Adjustable thermostat to set room temperature Timer

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