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Model SP816CD - Standard monobloc air conditioning unit

The SP816 portable air conditioner pictured here is ideal for the typical smaller office of up to 20 square metres where space is at a premium.

The slim design allows it to be squeezed into a space no wider than a waste paper bin. It is convenient to use in that it does not have a water tank which needs emptying.

It has a thermostat to control the room temperature and adjustable fan speed settings including automatic control to automatically quieten the unit once the room temperature has been brought down.

SP816 - Air Conditioning Hire
Cooling output :
2.6 KW adequate to cool a typical office of 5mt x 4mt
Dimensions :
Height 700 mm
Width 330 mm
Depth 480 mm
Exhaust hose length :
1.4 mt - This hose length means that the unit will need to be positioned within 0.5mt of the window if standing on the floor with the hose to window of normal sill height (waist high)
Fan Speeds :
3 speed settings plus a 'automatic' fan speed setting
Condensate disposal:
No tank to be emptied. Condensate is evaporated away down the exhaust hose
Colour :
Exhaust hose size:
110mm diameter
Controls :
Adjustable thermostat to set room temperature Timer

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