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Air conditioner and dehumidifier operating instructions

If you are in any doubt about the correct and safe operation and use of the equipment you have hired from us then do not hesitate to telephone for advice. You can speak to an engineer who will advise you - at no cost to you.

Where we have been allowed access to set the unit(s) up we will have checked that the location is suitable for the safe operation of the air conditioner or other equipment hired to you. If you have moved the air conditioning or dehumidifier unit on hire then ensure that it is safe to operate in the new location or ask us to visit and check for you.

We recognise that you may not have been present when the operation of the machine was explained and if the written instructions are not clear to you then phone us, Air conditioning hire (London) Ltd, on 0207 582 8950.

Air conditioners on hire

Instructions for PM38(office & server room units with analogue controls)

Instructions for Ariagel Split Unit

Instructions for Chillstar

Instructions for Honeywell Split

Instructions for KY32

Instructions for MC20

Instructions for MCM20

Instructions for SP816

Dehumidifiers on hire

Instructions for ED36

Trouble shooting and call-outs

Our terms and conditions require users to make themselves familiar with how to operate and troubleshoot the air conditioning or dehumidification equipment on hire, before calling out an engineer. To keep our hire charges as low as possible you will be liable for a 50 call-out charge for unnecessary call-outs which could have been rectified by the user.

The unit must be on a flat, horizontal surface. Should any water drip from the unit- Switch the unit off, unplug, and drain the water from the condensate tank, as described in the User Maintenance. Check regularly to ensure that further leakage that could cause damage, does not occur.

Please refer to the Caution Label on the unit for Safety instructions.