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Ariagel TE160 Operating Instructions

This air conditioning unit needs the condenser unit to be positioned outside where the heat can be discharged. Condensate will also be discharged to the condenser unit. This split air conditioner relies on the free flow of refrigerant and condensate along the connecting hose. Ensure that it does not become kinked or pinched. Full operation of all functions requires the use of a remote control.

Remote Control

Remote Control for Ariagel TE160
  •   A = Mode
  •   B = Room Temperature adjustment
  •   C = Fan Speed
  •   D = Timer
  •   E = 'Smart'
  •   F = 'Super'
  •   G = Sleep
  •   H = Swing
  •   I = Power On/OFF


To switch the air conditioning unit on, press button 'I'. Set the mode to the snowflake (air conditioning) using button 'A'. Select fan speed and temperature using buttons 'B' & 'C'. Other buttons provide functions not normally needed for office use and should not be used unless advised by Air conditioning hire (London) Ltd. If the unit stops cooling, follow User Maintenance.

If, during operation, the unit stops cooling then it may have reached the target room temperature or have filled with condensate. Under exceptional conditions this can happen. Before reporting a fault please drain condensate as instructed below and re-start the machine.

User Maintenance

On a weekly basis to ensure trouble free & best performance of the air conditioner:-

  • Remove the bung from the black pipe which protrudes at low level at the back of the unit and allow the water to drain.
  • Slide the filter from back of unit and remove loose deposits with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • Check the condenser fixings to ensure that it is secure.
  • If the air conditioner is switched off then the cooling compressor will not start again for up to 5 mins. This is normal.