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Chillstar Operating Instructions

On the front of the unit, you will find 3 buttons - Power, Fans, and Cooling, along with a thermostat. The 2 lights indicate power, and condensate tank full.


To switch the air conditioning unit on you first need to turn on the fans. The red power light should be on. Cooling will not beginTo begin until you switch on the cooling button then turn the Thermostat to 'Max'. There will be a time delay before the compressor switches on and cooling commences. This is to protect the compressor.

When the room has lowered to your desired temperature, turn the thermostat anticlockwise just to the position where the compressor switches off. The thermostat will now keep the room at this temperature.

When the tank fills up with condensate the warning light will show and cooling will cease. The water container should be slid from the back of the unit, and emptied. When replacing, ensure it is inserted into the unit the right way round or cooling will not re-commence.

User Maintenance

The following items should be carried out at least on a weekly basis to ensure trouble free & optimum performance of the air conditioning unit.

  • Remove tank from the back of the air conditioning unit. Empty the water from the condensate tank.
  • Remove loose deposits from the filter on the unit with a vacuum cleaner or brush.