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ED36 Operating Instructions

On the front of the unit, you will find 2 control dials. The dial at the top is the Humidistat, The dial underneath is the fan speed. The desired humidity can be set to ensure that drying out does not take place too quickly.


To switch the dehumidifier on, rotate the humidistat clockwise as far as it will go. This will run the unit constantly. Once the desired humidity has been achieved, rotate the dial anticlockwise until the unit cycles off. The humidistat will automatically maintain the selected level of humidity.

To increase the fan speed, use the second dial to select desired fan speed.

When the reservoir is full, the warning light will be on to indicate the tank needs to be emptied. Disconnect the unit from the main before removing the water tank. When replacing, ensure the tank is fully inserted into the unit, and that the float is hanging freely inside for the automatic shut off to function properly.

User Maintenance

The following items should be carried out at least on a weekly basis to ensure continued reliable perfomance of the dehumidifier.

  • Remove tank from the back of the dehumidifier unit. Empty the tank.
  • Pull the filter from the back of the unit, and remove loose deposits with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • When the unit is switched off or the tank removed it may take up to 5 minutes before deumidifing is resumed. This is normal and protects the refrigerant compressor.