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Honeywell Split Operating Instructions

This Honeywell split air conditioner has analogue controls to allow it to operate in air conditioning mode or fan only mode and to be set to operate on a timer. There is also a heating setting which provides 2 KW of heat from the indoor unit.

Control Panel:

Honeywell split control panel
  • 1 Power button
  • 2 Fan speed
  • 3 Water tank full light
  • 4 Thermostat
  • 5 Power light
  • 6 Cooling / Heating button
  • 7 Heating light
  • 8 Air conditioning light
  • 9 Timer
  • 10 Timer button
  • 11 Timer light


To switch the air conditioning unit on, press button 1, Rotate knob 4 to desired room temperature setting. Light 6 or 7 will light depending on desired temperature. If light 3 comes on, see User Maintenance.

User Maintenance

For problem free use and optimum performance during hire:-

  • Remove the black bung from low down at the back of the air conditioning unit. Drain water from the condensate tank.
  • Slide the filter on the back of the unit upwards, and remove loose deposits with a vacuum cleaner or brush. If necessary the air filter can be washed in warm soapy water.
  • If, when operating in cooling mode, the air conditioner is switched off or switches itself off, there will be a time delay of up to 5 minutes before cooling is resumed, when turned back on. This is normal protection of the compressor.