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KY32 Operating Instructions

The KY32 air conditioning unit can be set to operate in cooling, dehumidifying and fan only modes. It has a timer option and can also operate in sleep mode.

Control Panel:

KY32 control panel

The buttons on the control panel are largely self explanatory. The sleep button allows the temperature to vary more and keeps the unit on low fan speed. This is not normally needed for office use. The LCD window normally displays the room temperature but when the temperature setting is changed, the new setting is temporarily displayed.


To switch the air conditioning unit on, press Power button. Set the mode to 'cool' using Mode button. Select fan speed and temperature using Fan Speed and Temp Buttons. The KY32 collects condensate in a tank during air conditioning operation. In a humid atmosphere condensate will collect more quickly and the tank will need emptying more often. If the unit stops cooling, follow User Maintenance.

User Maintenance

The following items should be carried out at least on a weekly basis to ensure trouble free & optimum performance of the air conditioning unit.

  • Remove tank from the side of the air conditioning unit and empty
  • Unclip filter from back of unit and remove loose deposits with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • When the unit is switched off, it may protect it's compressor by taking up to 5 minutes to start cooling again. This is normal.