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PM38 Operating Instructions - Analogue

This air conditioning unit has analoge controls including room thermostat, choice of fan speeds in cooling and fan only operation and a timer to preset the unit for a number of hours operation.

On/Off Control

Use the COOL/FAN knob to turn the unit on & off.

The COOL/FAN knob has several functions.

  • Off - Turns unit off
  • High cool - Maximum cooling speed.
  • Med. cool - Fan runs at average speed, and the unit provides medium cooling.
  • Low cool - This setting is the quietest, but provides minimum cooling.
  • High fan - Maximum air circulation without cooling.
  • Low fan - Gentle air circulation without cooling.

Temperature control

Use the thermostat knob to adjust the amount of cooling the unit produces.


Use the timer knob to set an off time for the unit (1-12 hours). If set to 'CONT' the unit will run continuously.

PM38 control panel

User Maintenance

The following items should be carried out at least on a weekly basis to ensure trouble free & optimum performance of the air conditioning unit:-

  • Remove the rubber bung from the back of the unit & drain any excess water that has collected in the condensate tank.
  • Clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner, whilst still fixed to the unit
  • If at any time the unit is switched off, it may take up to 5 minutes before cooling is resumed, when switched on again. During this time the light which indicates that the unit is set to cool will flash. The light continuously ON indicates that any time delay is complete and cooling has commenced.