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Server Room Cooling

We specialise in server room cooling. Whether you have a newly built server room requiring cooling, an existing system breakdown, or simply require some back up cooling, we have the right unit for the job.

We have physically smaller units, ideally suited when space is limited and larger units with high output where the maximum cooling is required.

We understand that server rooms are often not occupied 24 hours a day, but cooling is needed 24/7. We have units that will automatically discharge their condensate, so there are no tanks that need emptying.

Our larger (MCM20) units have ducted outlets to allow you to direct the cooling to exactly where you want it. The hot air discharge hose can be extended using a fan assisted duct up to 20 metre's in length - handy for situations where no hot air outlet is available in the server room itself.

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Adjustable temperature setting Cooling or fan only operation Thermostatic control of temperature